By Sofia Dieujuste - Feb 18 2021


Stay Safe In Style

Having been in the same situation, I totally understand that you want a medical alert jewelry that reflects your style and will make you want to wear it.

Most importantly, a medical alert bracelet or necklace will bring you peace of mind, as you will receive faster treatment based on your medical information in case of an emergency.

What is medical alert jewelry?

Medical alert bracelets or necklaces are a simple but effective way to inform first responders,
paramedics and/or doctors that you have a medical condition if you are unable to speak or react.

Often, in cases such as car accidents, serious trauma and other medical emergencies, you are likely to be unconscious or unresponsive, which opens up many potentially harmful possibilities
if health care professionals are not aware of a chronic condition you may have.

Peace Of Mind

Through the universal medical logo that appears on a medical alert bracelet, alert necklace
or even a keychain, they will be able to find out about your health condition more quickly so that you can receive the appropriate care for your condition.

Who should wear medical alert jewelry?

According to health care professionals, people with the following conditions may need to wear medical alert jewelry.

  • Hypertension, a history of stroke, or other
  • Cardiac problems
  • Kidney disease
  • Asthma
  • Transplant patient
  • You take certain medications, like blood thinners.

It' s important to choose a store that will understand your specific needs and give you the service you deserve.
We hope that Sofiancy will meet your needs.

With love
sofia xxx

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