Why is Medical alert jewelry so boring?
Why is Medical alert jewelry so boring? That's the question that inspired Sofia when searching for her medical jewelry after receiving a kidney transplant.
With a mission to do things differently, she focused design on details - not trends, partnered with local 
and international manufacturers to create products that are sustainable from start to finish,
and simplified medical alert jewelry to its essence.



What our brand stands for

Sustainable, affordable, and peace of mind


Sofiancy's mission is to bring to market meaningful and inspiring medical alert jewelry to improve your everyday safety.

From reimagined classics to delicate essentials, we got you covered. 

Made of delicate metals and natural stones, Sofiancy Medical Alert jewelry is designed to go from day to night with complete peace of mind. 

Through quality, transparency, and inclusivity, we're on a mission to democratize medical alert jewelry.




Meet Sofia Dieujuste

Sofia Dieujuste - Sofiancy founder

Founded in 2019 and creatively directed by Sofia, a kidney transplant recipient who has also been a lupus warrior. 

Inspired by her life experiences, her medical history and especially after receiving a kidney transplant in December 2016. 

She saw the need to create a brand of medical jewelry that is both versatile and affordable for patients of all ages and backgrounds. 

Embodying her sense of style, Sofia has designed pieces that are feminine with style, classic yet fashionable, and simple 

- with a touch of personality.


I think about my organ donor every single day, and live my life forever grateful for his or her kindness and generosity. If you have signed up – thank you